Tuesday, September 11, 2007

At the library

Thinking of cooler weather

We came to the library today to do our schoolwork and to get on the internet. Our internet at the house is not working at the moment. They are supposed to send us a part that we need with FedEx but it hasn't arrived yet and this is day 4 with no internet. AAAHHHHHH!!! I can handle a weekend but a whole week is asking a bit too much of me. HEHEHEHE

While here at the library we did our math, grammar and the little one did his reading. Art is also on the agenda. I think I like doing our schoolwork here at the library. The kids are so much more quiet.

Just so you know what is going on with me and why I'm not posting like I want to, now you know.

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Just Carolyn said...

Doing schooling at the library, where kids are quieter? That sounds like a plan! Maybe I should try that sometime...I won't go cut off my power supply though to try it. ;-)

Glad you can at least find a place to come and say hi!

Love ya Sis,