Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fun with Art

For art this year we decided on Artistic Pursuits K-3 book two. With all that has been going on we hadn't gotten much done so today we got back into doing it. We did lesson 3 which was about Giotto. We read a little about him and then did the project. It was scratch art. This is the boys coloring their black oil pastel over their first colors.

Here is the finished product. They were proud of their artwork today. Do you see the smiles?

This is the first year we try Artistic Pursuits and we are enjoying it. Tomorrow we start on lesson 4 which has a Fresco project. My boys want to actually draw on the walls. A big HA to them.

A nice series of books that we use to learn about different artists is Getting To Know The World's Greatest Artists and for this lesson it is the one about Giotto. I like this book for its wonderful photographs of this artists work and the ease of reading for the littler ones.

Can't wait till tomorrow to continue our art!


Missi said...

We did this too...the kids loved it!!!!! My oldest said it was an artistic form of hidden treasure...what color will be revealed with each scratch of the stylus :)...Looks like you all had a great time~ Tell them well done!

Brit said...

We love those books! I haven't seen that one yet, so we will be checking it out soon. Thanksf or sharing.