Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Look what we saw today

We found these today on our walk outside. It's a Leaf-Footed Bug. Don't the legs look like a leaf? We had our magnifying glass out and checking him out closely. Lots of "oohhs and aaahhhhs" outside today. In the last picture he was cleaning off his wings. He was getting ready to fly and he did. It flew to a close branch.

Now this next picture I took last year not knowing what it was. I just figured I would eventually come across it somewhere and today was the day. This is a nymph of what??? Guess....yep, the Leaf-Footed Bug. This orange bug will turn into the ones you see at the top. Wow, how cool. I found a great website in the process of trying to figure out what this was and its here. I hope to use this site more to figure out a few other interesting creatures I had the pleasure of photographing.
As far as our inside school work, it's getting done. Math has been a non-stressful time. They are all liking their math. More on school tomorrow. We better stop going outside for walks because I will never post of our indoor adventures.

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