Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fun at home

What a fun visit we had this month. One week is too short for such a great visit but it will have to do till next time. Our visitor played the Wii with the boys. Everyone had a blast. They played baseball, golf and even tennis.
Everyone had to take turns and everyone was yelling and cheering everyone on.
We had dinner but my favorite was this. YUM!!! Hubby made oatmeal raisin cookies and I made and orange cake, choc covered strawberries and pretzels. Oh it was soooo yummy.
The food was good too but I love those choc covered pretzels. Those are the best. You can't just eat one. You have to have a handful.

I think we had 24 in our house that Saturday. Next time around they said they were going to stay longer so they could exercise on the Wii. hehehe It was a blast!

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Missi said...

Good food...good fun...good association...good times:)~~Thanks for sharing