Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Time for a field trip

We spent the night in San Antonio, Texas and we had made plans to meet with some friends and go to a museum. It was the Witte Museum. It was so much fun. Even though I still had my crazy headache. I have some pictures to share of our fun. This place had a dinosaur exhibit that the kids loved. The dinos moved and roared.

Never a dull moment with my kids. See one of the kids peaking in on the picture.

My little one was staying as close as he could to dad. He was avoiding those teeth.

Of course this kiddo always does something crazy for a picture. Don't you all have at least one of these kids?

There was an area where you could sit on the dino and get a picture. Of course, we had to do that.

There were also other things to do. We did a laser show. The kids had to put some "special" hand cream on and rub it in good then they were all sent to wash their hands. The man there then put a black light on their hands and guess what?
Their nails were the dirtiest part of their hands.

My two boys looking outside. Beautiful wooded area there.
My baby loves this thing. You pull the rope which lifts a bowling ball and you let it go and with the air pressure a tennis ball shots up the other tube. Pretty cool!
Lots of fun things to touch and move.
Girls also playing

Now I saved the best for last. There was this bike to ride. This bike was on a steal line. The line was hooked from one point to the other and it was high up off the ground. As you back up on the line you start swaying and feeling like you will fall off. Here are the boys.

I didn't get very far. hehehe I started swaying and it felt like I was falling and couldn't go on. Yes, I'm a wimp. Tough exterior but a total wimp and not ashamed to say it.

Our group picture. Don't we look nice?

We went out to eat at a restaurant called Mi Tierra. Good mexican food. Yum!!

That was our wonderful Monday field trip. It's always nice to go somewhere and spend time with friends.


Missi said...

You daredevil you...up on a highwire cycling with out a care in the world...lol...Field trips are the spice of a homeschooling life ~Hugs, Missi

Just Carolyn said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Lots of color and beautiful sunshine, great ingredients for a field trip!

I love that air pressure/bowling; tennis ball thing too! That would be neat to see in real life.

So, what kind of Mexican food did you all eat? We love making Tacos, soft and hard, and Quesidilla's (sp?).

What makes a good field trip too, is being able to go with friends! Glad you enjoyed yourself, even if you did have that nasty headache still.


Jimmie said...

Field trip looks great! And I enjoyed your art posts. :-)

cali said...

that bike thing looked AWESOME!! I bet ya'll had fun with that!!