Friday, November 30, 2007

What should I buy?

What curriculum should I get for my 5yr old? I've heard that question more and more lately. I don't know if it's because more are homeschooling. I think about that and wonder who in the world likes worksheets, bookwork for every subject and to sit and do that day after day.

Children learn more when things are fun. Do we have to get a language book? Do we have to get a math book? What about science or history? I've learned after all these years that fun is better to prevent burnout. If things are fun there will not be the whining of "do I have to do this again" or "not that again."

Some kiddos like to do worksheets but I don't bombard my children with them. When my youngest was learning to add I used those little bear counters to show him what adding was. Of course then that lead to playing all day with those teddy bear counters. It was fun for him and he played putting them and taking them away. Did I mention my boys are into Lego creating? Their little brains figure out how to make different things. It's amazing sometimes at the things he can make with those little blocks.

We do lots of reading together. I have him read a little bit everyday. Then I read a book or two. What makes it fun is that our reading time ritual is that now it's a bit colder we go read in my bed under the covers. Yes, under the covers. That means my bed doesn't get made till around noon. Whooops, did I just admit that! Those are the times that make it fun and make memories. My little one looks forward to getting into my bed to listen to me read a book and a few bible stories from our Bible Stories book.

There are art projects to add to the fun. Watercolors have been a big thing this year.

So what am I saying with all this. Well, children learn more in a fun way. My little one is a 5yr old and I want him to love to learn and have fun while doing it. He picks up so much from the others when we are reading their science books or talk about history. Soon enough he will be older and then I will add more sitting down work and have him do more writing. For now I am enjoying our fun times.


Promise Christian Academy said...

Amen! I wish all homeschool mom's had already learned this valuble lesson! My boys are 6,11,17 and 20.. and guess what? They ALL STILL LOVE LEGOS! :0)
Hilda Rebecca

Promise Christian Academy said...

PS.. Have you gotten them any playmobil yet? They can play History! :0)

Brit said...

I am with you!! I felt pressure with my first one, thinking I needed to create school-at-home, and both my son and I felt very frustrated. I backed way off and realized that it was not going to work for us, and so I followed his lead after that. I can't say we are unschoolers, but we lean very strongly in that direction, especially for pre-school through 3rd grade ages.