Friday, November 2, 2007

What's this?

I found this after going for a walk outdoors. I didn't see any kind of worms or anything more than a spider. After coming inside I looked down on my pants and this was there. What I found interesting was what is attached to it. What is it? My first thought was it must be babies. It does seem like babies of some kind. I've looked online to try to find out any info and after a few hours of searching....I'm tired.

Any ideas, anyone?


Just Carolyn said...

I am sure that you just find gross and yucky pictures just to show me, don't you???? hehehehe

YUCK! ;-)

live4evermom said...

HAHAHAHAHA Just for you sis.

Just Carolyn said...


School for Us said...

Gross! Ugh! :-)

Anyway, my first thought is it is some kind of parasite. I was just looking at a book at the library about butterflies and decided not to bring it home because of a gross photo of a caterpillar infested.

You might ask the lady at this site I found - I just googled for "caterpillar parasite." I think she'd probably know.

Hope this helps!

Brit said...

I was going to guess that something else laid it's eggs on him (her?). It is kindof gross though, I agree.