Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fun Monday Lunch

We went to lunch at Incredible Pizza. Nope didn't take any pictures of all that pizza but this one was cute. He was saying how he was like his uncle. He will be the one to do a crazy thing like get a motorcycle.
My little one wants a ride every time we visit his uncle and his uncle pulls out his motorcycle.
After lunch was Lego creation time. The little one likes to make things that look like Star Wars. Doesn't that look good?
Of course the middle one does the same thing. He said it was an elephant robot.
He made me take a picture of the middle where he put a Lego man in there to control the robot.
Since all video games are in a box and put away for a while they have no choice but to get creative. Sometimes you just have to get rid of some things when they get in the way of fun and learning.

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