Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Geography Fun

I was asked what we used for geography and I wanted to share. We use Trail Guide to World Geography. We have had it for a while actually and have wanted to start but we have been doing our basics and then adding things here and there. So this week we finally added geography. We started doing a paper mache world and then we did this project. That is actually a balloon that we blew up and drew shapes to represent land. Then we cut out the shapes and tried to get the balloon into a rectangular shape and we saw how the shapes were not only smaller but distorted. We also read an article in the Awake magazine called Cartography--A Key to Knowing the World. That article explained how maps are not exact representations of how the land is on the maps. Pretty interesting!! We will wrap up next week with studying the world in general then start getting into different places around the world.

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