Thursday, December 20, 2007

Picture Quiz 5

I forgot to do this yesterday so finally now I am putting it up. Whatcha think? I'll post the answer like always here on Friday. Check back.

Yes, it's a paper wasps nest. Isn't it amazing how they attach it to a branch and it actually looks like it is part of that branch. Thanks for playing along. Look again next Wednesday for the next picture quiz. Maybe next week I will make it a bit harder.


Nancy said...

Ok, I've seen this in the car motor. ha ha. Just kidding. Definately a bee nest. Maybe yellow jacket?

Just Carolyn said...

I think so too! So is this supposed to be for the kids?


Robin said...

I've been on the up close and personal end of one of these, I think, is it a wasp's nest?

School for Us said...

Great photos! I'm enjoying your mystery photos. BTW, I call the purple thistle a Texas Thistle, too.