Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Zoo Trip

We took the day to go to the little zoo we have here in town. It took us all of 30 mins to go thru it. It is really small. My very loving boys sitting for a picture.
I was very close to this one. I was hoping to take a picture of it with its mouth open.
I think we spent most of our time here. My little one asked if we could go again tomorrow. He loves this place but today was the day since tomorrow will probably be raining.
After the zoo we went to the park. He kept telling me that he could go all the way to the end like a 7yr old boy. He gets so proud when he does something he has never done before. Oh, he did go all the way to the end.

So besides math this morning and our reading of our daily scripture we had lunch and headed out for some fun before the rains begin. What fun to be able to decide to take the kids for some fun for school. This is just the pick me up they needed and I needed it too.


denise said...

T-shirts and parks. How nice! My 4 year old has been asking WHY is winter so LONG a lot lately (about every 10 minutes!). :)

Our zoo is small too...nice pictures! Love the top one with the happy brothers.

School for Us said...

Sounds like a great day! We're planning on going to the "big" zoo next week - but first, we're making sure it isn't spring break yet. :-)