Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Field Trip

Where did we go? We went to Houston to see the DaVinci exhibit. We had fun and spent all morning seeing everything including the new butterfly and bug area. All the kids from our local homeschool group had a blast.
It was actually amazing to see all the things they had there. He was way before his time.
The butterfly area was great! There was butterflies everywhere and of every kind. There were little ones and big, huge ones and black, red, blue ones. It's amazing to see them all in one place just flying around.
This was in the bug section at the butterfly exhibit. The kids had fun getting into the little honeycombs they had there.
We are now on vacation. I'll post Wednesday's Nature Picture Quiz and as much as I can while I am enjoying our nature vacation. I have some great pictures already.


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denise said...

What a fun looking museum! Da Vinci is fascinating...

Jackie said...

I *love* the Bee Hive!! I've got Bee on the brain this week - what a neat opportunity!
We live in a much smaller town, so we have to drive 2 hours to see any of those kinds of museums.