Friday, April 4, 2008

Nature Picture Quiz

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This lizard was hanging out on our window off the school room. What a distraction! Of course we had to stop what we were doing and watch this and take out the camera. So what do you think it is? I'm not totally sure myself but will give this one a try.

Please leave a comment with your guess and I will try to answer this by Friday.

UPDATE: Yes, I think it's a Texas Spiny Lizard. I did have to search and search for this one. I ask the kids what they think it could be called and ask them what I should search for. This way I get them involved. Way to go, Denise on your guess!


denise said...

I think we found it - is it a Texas Spiny Lizard?:)

live4evermom said...

Yes Denise, I also think that is what it is. That is what I came up with. Thanks for playing along.

School for Us said...

How neat! We've never seen one of those around here. I'm sure it was a distraction. :-)

denise said...

Cool! I usually help the boys come up with possible search terms...ask well, what is it, what color, describe, etc. This time, I asked my 5 year old what to type for the search and he said, "brown texas lizard, of course"! He found it almost right away on the UT Austin reptiles of Texas site! Yay!