Friday, April 25, 2008

Nature Picture Quiz

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Ok, I know this one will be easy. At least I think it is. I think all the kids will be able to figure this one out at first glance. Leave a comment with your guess and be sure to come back on Friday for the answer and a little interesting tidbits on this amazing animal.

Next weeks picture quiz will be a little more challenging. I thought this would be a nice change and something the kiddos would enjoy.

By the way, do you see two animals or is it one? hhhmmmmm

UPDATE: Yes, yes it's a lion. Did you know that a male lion can reach a length of 9 ft. and weigh around 350-400 lbs? That is one massive animal. A lion can also give a short chase of up to 50mph. I guess we can't outrun them if we are being chased. What I found interesting is that a lion usually hunts at night but the most interesting thing I found is that they can spend a total of 20hrs per day sleeping. I guess I was thinking about this since it is almost 1am and I am tired and thinking of sleeping 20hrs myself. Thanks for those of you that participated. I'm going to bed now. Night, night. Oh by the way, there is a fly in the picture too. Great searching skills Meg!


Just: Carolyn said...

Jmee's guess is "A Momma Lion".
Jess's guess is "A Jaguar".
Meg's guess is "A Lion and a Fly".

Missi said...

I tink I taw a putty tat...I did...I did taw a putty tat~~ Tweety *wink*

live4evermom said...

You girls are funny. Thanks for posting your guesses.