Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Fun Vacation

It was a nice time! Very refreshing and relaxing. We went to Lake Conroe and stayed at the most amazing resort. It had a full kitchen so we had a wonderful and freshly prepared breakfast each morning. Did I say we had a great time? Oh and the hot tub and jacuzzi in our room....aaaahhhhh.

So after relaxing and watching movies in the room we decided to visit this state park. We went on a nature trail and saw some neat things. I will share this about trees. There were so many and everything was green. It was neat to see the bark and different types of branches. Take a little look at what we saw.

I will try to share a little more of our vacation in the coming weeks. For now I have to get some sleep. That 12hr drive home is a doozy.

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denise said...

Wow - everything is so green! We are *just* at budding here, so no color yet. SOON! Love the photos. Jacuzzi tub...ahhh, nice! :)