Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today was our last vacation day. Where did we go? We went to Goose Island State Park. This is in Rockport, Tx. This was a great place. It has spaces to camp that are either by the water or deep in the woods. We have decided to start camping this year. We have to now. Hubby and I are loving being out with no one else around.

We had a late lunch early dinner or as I like to call it we had linner. We ate at The Big Fisherman. I totally forgot how huge their plates are. I had the lunch special since we got there before the 4pm deadline for that and had the bbq ribs and shrimp plate. Oh, that was yummy but two people could have eaten from that.

We spent most of our day at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. We saw so many animals and flowers. I took close to a hundred pictures just today.
Although I took so many pictures I wanted to share a few. I thought of a friend when I took these. She loves poppies and sent me a picture once of them. This poppy is a native Texan though. It's called a White Prickly Poppy.
I had to take another picture after this bee landed on it.
Here is our encounter with a red winged black bird. It was singing to us.
Then I guess it didn't like us sitting around looking at it and taking pictures because it started letting us know it was getting annoyed. How cool is that?
All in all it was another great day. I have a ton more pictures. I took so many wildflower pictures that I don't know where to start to show some of them. I guess I will have to pick a few.

That is it for now.


denise said...

Nice! We are going to try to start camping again this summer...boys are old enough to listen (a *little*) and should be OK. We are going to try day camping a few times before spending the night to see how they do with everything. Can't wait. You say camping with no one else around -- are you camping at walk in tent campgrounds only? Curious only because most campgrounds in this area are packed most of the time but we have heard of a few spots which are more remote and actually FEEL like camping...

Your photos are lovely - you should get a flickr account to post some more! ;)

Just: Carolyn said...

Yes, camping is fun! We are going to go with a few from our bookstudy group in May this year! It won't be warm/hot like in Texas, but we are going anyway!

The wild flowers are beautiful...I love that white poppy! And those Red-Winged blackbirds are pretty, we have them in Alberta too during the summer.

I agree about the Flickr account...or do you have one already?

Would love to see more pics ;-)
LYS @};-