Friday, May 2, 2008

A Fun Find

Click on the picture to see it better.

As we were doing our math today and the one blind was open I happened to look out and look what we saw. These birds are not usually in Texas. I've looked in all the books I have and it shows them as during the spring and summer in the northern states and more to the east of the states and up to Canada. Maybe my Canadian sister has seen this one but us Texans hardly ever see these outside. I think it was on its way up North and stopped for a bite to eat.

It seems to spend its winter down south like in Cuba and in South America so I guess to go North it must pass us. We were so excited to see this and even though it was gobbling up the food and it stayed for a short time we got some pictures and we took out our ID books. We even took out those bird/sounds books that Patty helped us get and we were able to listen to the bird. Isaac was excited and helped out with finding the bird.

Now I will make sure to keep those feeders full and see if we get another bird we don't usually get.

Edited: It's a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, forgot to say.


Missi said...

How delightful~

Just: Carolyn said...

Yes, these Rose Breasted Grossbeaks are nice looking birds, but dont think they are native to around here. I will try and find some pics some grossbeaks we have had around here, mostly in the winter time though. It'll have to be a scanned pic though, cuz we didnt have digital camera's way back then.