Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A two day field trip

Guess where we went? Do you give up?
We drove past this stinky beach over at Galveston. Take my word for it, it was stinky.
This picture I took for Missi cause it's her beach. Now, I would not call this Memorial weekend a vacation if we were on the beach with all those people looking like sardines in a can so we will wait till school starts up again to go to the beach.
What we did was go to a train museum. This was the most uncrowded place to go to and it was wonderful. Although it was hot at least there was a breeze. That train was a painting on a wall but they had life size trains to go into and see how people traveled back in the days.
The indoor train station had these "white people" all over. hehehe They we actually paper mache. It was neat to see how they made clothes that looked similar to what they would be wearing but it was all paper.
Of course, everyone had to have their pictures taken there. hehehehe
This is one of the big trains outside and as always there were faces.
One train was the kitchen. Amazing how they could work in such a narrow place.
Now I can travel and eat in a place like this. This was nice.
Can you imagine sleeping in a place like this. I cannot even think about trying to climb in the top bunk.
They also had a mail car. The interesting thing about this was that the men who worked here were considered to have prestigious jobs. They were also required to carry guns because of robberies.

All in all it was a nice trip. This was a neat place. Anyone wanna come?


hsmomma said...

I wonder if this is the same train museum we wanted to go to? Choo choo!

Just: Carolyn said...

I love those paper mache people! They are whiter than I am, hehe. It looks like an enjoyable trip.

You gotta love those faces, cute boys! BTW, my kids are finally in shorts up here!

Love, Carolyn @};-