Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy Days Ahead

I may be slow at blogging for a week or so. I have so much going on. I have to finish a sewing project that I should have already finished. I'm in the middle of rearranging my house. Yep, not a room but the house. When I do something I go big. hehehe We are going out in service Wed morning and then having kids over for some pool fun. I have to make sure the oldest is ready for his exam on Thursday at the college. I am leaving on Friday for a homeschool convention and will be back on Saturday. Then the July 4th weekend we are going to the DC. With all going on I'm still trying to make sure our homeschool stuff gets done.

Ok gotta go get some stuff done. I'm already tired just writing all that out.


MasterpieceMom said...

You know summer is supposed to be relaxing, but somehow never is. Either I'm trying to continue our homeschool schedule (year round), organizing a get-together, or organizing for next year. Then there are the pool days, house rearranging, kitchen disasters (like what happened today).

I can't wait for the new system. Maybe then we'll get a chance to breathe inbetween each thing.

Missi said...

busybee! Have a funtime on your weekend:) Agape, Missi