Thursday, July 10, 2008

Couldn't Resist

La-o-di-ci-a, I love how it sounds. hehehehehe I laughed at that. We have been using that phrase since we came home from the DC. Oh and I love my camera. It looks like I am up front but in fact I was very far away. I took a ton more pictures but can only show one since one of you haven't had their DC yet.

What else??? I'm trying to get some school things done this month. I hope we can have all of August off so that I can make some plans. I am as many of you are going to try to be more organized and stay on schedule. hehehehe Don't laugh.....I did say I was going to try. Did I mention that I need more bookshelves? I actually need wall to wall shelves. I've gotta see if I can get hubby to start making those.

I started helping my baby with his bible reading for Sept. He has just started learning it and he just told me this morning if he could wait till he was 7yrs old to do it. hehehe I'm still helping him with it though.

The oldest has his last set of questions for baptism on Tuesday. Our DC that we are assigned too is at the end of August. So we will take in two DC's this year. How exciting. Let's see I for sure want to make it to Friday afternoon part and of course, we have to make it to Saturday morning one. I will probably be there all day Sunday because we leave the motel that day.

Oh and did I mention that this Sunday, July 13th is our anniversary. Yep, it's made it around again. 23 years is long time don'tcha think.

Ok gotta get busy with cleaning and school and..and...and...lots to do.


MasterpieceMom said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Misty said...

Hi !! Wasnt the convention WONDERFUL !!!!! You will get to enjoy it again in August!! Thats so great !!! Hope ya'll have a great week! ~~Misty

and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!