Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nature Pictures

We don't get out much in this heat but when we do I like to stop and take pictures here and there of what we find. Sometimes I am amazed at the pictures I end up with with my new camera and the zoom lens. If you click on the pictures they you can see them even closer.
These sunflowers were at a sisters house. I think sunflowers remind of us of the sun and nice warm days not these hot sweltering days we are having.
This spider was at that friends house. The oldest son asked me if I wanted to see the smiling face spider and of course I had to. hehehe Out pops my camera and I began taking pictures. The reason he called it a smiling face spider is that it looks like it has two eyes and a smile on it's abdomen. Those pictures came out to blurry to see but take my word for it, it does! It's called an orchard spider. If you look here you will see another picture and sort of see the smile.

That was our weekend fun and nature time.

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