Monday, August 4, 2008

My bookshelves are done!

Some of you may know that I bought me 2 more bookshelves last month. They were the cheap kind because I am still hoping hubby will eventually get to our original plan of one wall being bookshelves from top to bottom. Till then I will make do with these.

I took some pictures of the bookshelves already organized and looking nice. Whatcha think?
This is one of the new bookshelves. As you can see on the top I have our microscope and games. That one box has cables and wires to one thing or another and my Ace wraps for my body aches. The top two shelves have our current school books. Next two shelves have my stuff. and the bottom starts with animal books. Oh and the half bookcase is for paper goods and library things and our binders. Plus if you click on the picture to make it larger you will see a small rock collection the boys have on the half bookcase.
We also have some other games in those tall boxes that I got at an educational store. That box with a V on it is an old shoe box that we will be using for our Apologia science project this year. Oh and if you are wondering why the space between bookcases...hubby wanted the outlet available so it's behind those boxes. See those spiral notebooks on the bottom of that last bookcase? I got those at WalMart they had them for 5 cents. Yep, 5! The basket on top is what I have our art supplies in. Just bring it down and I have everything there from watercolor, pastels, inks, and paints including art paper that would fit in there.

I have books for the oldest to read on the top shelf and biographies, homeschool helps, and just books to read that I got from the teacher who was my oldest's kinder teacher. On the top shelf of the end bookcase I have easy readers, then books that have been read by the oldest and waiting to be ready by the others. We also have poetry books and more books that we still have to read.

The tops are very well used as you can see. I have balances of different kinds, puzzles, games, counters and binders. The first two shelves of both of these bookcases that are on the opposite wall have more small games, theocratic books to use for school and our human take apart body.

These bookcases have our school books by subject. We have geography, science, math, language arts, history and art/nature books. The two closed doors, I have books that have been used but that I want to keep and some books to be given away.

This last picture if of our school books for this year. My baby loves to use those Kumon books and has some almost done or half way done but on days that I can't get him to do his regular work I have him choose a book and he can work in that or when he is done and I am working with someone else he gets one of those books. Top shelf is for the oldest and middle son. Aaron has the next shelf and also books that they will all use.

Hope you have enjoyed looking thru my books!


teachingmom08 said...

You have so many books! But you are very organized with it all. And from what I can tell you have a nice school room too! inspiration for me....

live4evermom said...

Yes, I have a ton of books. Some of them I got from a kinder teacher that the school had a fire and the books although in perfect condition could not be in the school. I also got lots of books from the library book sales. Then again I have been homeschooling for 8yrs or is it 9 already, so I have had plenty of time to get our collection.

Misty said...

Your bookshelves look GREAT !!! i only have one shelf unit and it looks nothing like this! WOW.. i wish i could be organized !

Missi said...

Looks like you are ready for lots of learning this year! Hugs:)