Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Schedule

What do you all think? I was working on this today. Of course, I hope I will have a little extra time here and there to continue with the next thing. Since we are doing school 4 days a week this year the 5th day will either be Wednesday or Friday. Hubby is off from work every other Friday so when he is off so will we. The other weeks we will be off on Wednesday and have a morning of service and the afternoon we will work on our art and nature studies.

This plan is what my plan is but I'm sure it will be tweaked a bit here and there. We do plan on finishing our day by noon and this plan is only for the two younger ones. The oldest will have his own schedule and will be able to work on it on his own.

What schedules do you have for school? Next time I will be posting our final selection in curriculum for the year. It was nice to see what Jackie will be using for their curriculum.


Missi said...

Looks like a nice, "doable", flexible schedule...I love that scibd thing you have your document in...very neat you little techie girl!~M :)

Missi said...
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teachingmom08 said...

Your schedule looks good and well planned. Our schedule is set not necessarily by time frames but by subjects. However I do try to be done within 3-4 hours, so if we start at 9:30 we are generally done by 1:30-2:30'ish given our lunch breaks. I give each of them 2 days of 45 minute "computer lab" two days of ten thumbs typing program,1-2 days of a handwriting practice. 3-4 days we do Saxon math and 5 days we cover language arts and vocabulary. and in between that we cover a unit study for socialstudies, science and geography....Then we have two days set aside for and hour or two of service....whew! sounds like a lot don't it? LOL! Maybe I'll post my schedule on my site too! good idea.