Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nature Studies

We have decided to do a tree study a while back and never got around to it. This week we finally did it. I made a notebooking page for our tree study and that is what we used along with the book Handbook of Nature Study. We still have to do one more thing. I want them to take the boys outside to do a tree rubbing but I'll wait till the mosquitoes die down some.
I loaded up those pages on the Homemade Homeschool group. Along with the following one about hummingbirds.
Since we have had a ton of hummingbirds at our house I had to make a notebooking page for them and read up on them.
As you can tell these pages are pretty easy for the kids of all ages to do. I want them that way because I do have a little one and then the older ones. Even if you don't have hummingbirds you can still read up on them and have some nature time with the kids. Did you know that a hummingbird nest is about the size of half a walnut? Amazing isn't it!


Just: Carolyn said...

I love these pages! What great work your boys did! Great inspiration sis, wonderful. Now I gotta go find them on the group to download them for my kids. *wink, wink*

Carolyn @};-

Missi said...

Beautiful work! I love those hummingbirds...