Saturday, September 13, 2008

We Headed for the Hills

This is where we stayed. It was a log cabin/home. It had 2 bedrooms and one of the living rooms was another bedroom too and it had two bathrooms which I was very grateful for. More on that later.
We went outside when I felt ok enough to venture outdoors and took a picture of my mom racing my baby. Mom wearing flip flops, my baby in 5, mom 70....hehehehe, guess who won?
These were the ugly clouds in the direction of Houston. We were heading home which was NOT in that direction.
Can you see the long road home with the long line of cars heading back home? It was going fast, at least.

Now about me being sick....we went out to eat at a cafe in the town we stayed at. (Should have stayed in the cabin and cooked.) That soup I had was good but not good afterwards. I started getting stomach cramps while out in town. I told hubby we needed to get back fast. We got back and I went to bed with bad stomach cramps. Not Fun!!! Needless to say I was in bed most of the time we were there and the rest of the time I was very glad there were two bathrooms. The little time I spent outdoors, I felt very weak and when I did get back indoors I went straight to bed. So even though we were at a very nice cabin I didn't enjoy it much. Too bad, cause there were some neat things to do but I was afraid to go out and then need to run looking for a restroom.

So there is my not so fun story of our adventure with hurricane Ike. We got home to no rain but had a few branches down. Small stuff. Anyway, I just hope everyone is ok in Houston. I'm sure hubby will be busy with the RBC in the coming months.


Brit said...

We are so glad you are ok! I have been checking every day. The cabin looks beautiful, but I am sorry to hear about the stomach troubles.

MasterpieceMom said...

Good to see you back in one piece. Looks like things could have been a lot worse. I'm glad that you haven't had much damage. Keep us updated on the situation with the brothers.

I've had bad food like that before. You'd think you'd be safe with soup for cryin' out loud!!!

Missi said...

Oh what a cute cabin! Glad you all stayed safe!

Bayou Jac said...

I'm so glad to hear that y'all are safe!

When I looked on the map to see just where y'all were, as far as Ike's visitation plan was, I was so worried!

It looks like where y'all went wasn't affected at ALL! Hope the weather didn't mess with your school schedule too much!