Saturday, October 4, 2008

Picture Quiz

I haven't done this in a while. I thought I would start and see how it goes. I did this picture quiz game every week. I would post a picture and you the trusty blog viewer will guess what is in the picture. So if no one plays along then I will eventually give up. If you enjoy this then you need to play along. Here is the first one. I will be posting the Picture Quiz on Friday and you have all weekend and the following week to guess. I'll update this post the following Friday with the answer and post another picture quiz. How's that? Let's get started and see who will guess? It doesn't matter if someone has already guessed, you can still guess. Don't cheat by looking what others have commented. Ok, ready....set.....go......

As we were driving to go to town we came across this bird on a telephone poll. Now we live out in the country so we have plenty of times that we come across animals on our drives to town. This was a great one and it was great that I was able to get these pictures.
I was disappointed that it took off as soon as I started to take pictures. I kept taking pictures and hoped that I had taken some good ones. When I got home I quickly plugged my camera into my computer to download the pictures.
These are the pictures that I got. If you click on them you can see them closer and you can see a little more detail. Can you guess what this is? Come on take a guess?

Update:Thanks to all of you that joined in and guessed. This is a Red-tailed hawk that we saw. Great guesses, everyone. The next Picture Quiz will be posted either late Friday night or early Saturday morning. We are going on a little over night trip so you will not hear from me till then. Stay tuned for the next picture quiz.


Missi said...

It's a bird,'s a plane,'s superman! Just kidding, it's way past my bedtime...we will have to look this one up in the field guide ;o)

Missi said...

ok...we think it may be a redtailed hawk...???

MasterpieceMom said...

Red tailed or red shouldered hawk?

Just: Carolyn said...

My guess is it's a Swainson's Hawk. They are common around here from April to September. In my book it says when in flight they hold their wings in a shallow V. Looks kinda like that in one of those pics. ;-)

Waiting for Friday now! hehe

Carolyn @};-

hsmomma said...

i say a red tailed hawk. This is my guess. Since you won't tell me yet, I will have to wait.