Friday, November 21, 2008

A Little of This and That

We got lots done today. Well, I guess it would be yesterday since I am up late into the next day. For those that don't know, I am a night owl. Here are the boys doing their math. My baby is doing triple digits. He loves to see how he is doing big boy things.

Here is middle son hard at work doing his math.
We have also started a HOAC lapbook on Christopher Columbus.
Both boys are hard at work and so far we have finished up to 4 activites for the lapbook. These two are the only ones that like lapbooking. Our next lapbook after this is on Benjamin Franklin. I will print that out on colored paper. I've always printed them out on white paper so they can color but the lapbook on Benjamin Franklin is going to be done fairly quickly so colored paper it is.
Between our other work and the lapbook on Columbus we are starting on guess who? The pages give it away. Today I made up another notebooking page. The boys really enjoy when I read to them and they have a page to do.
When we get the other notebooking pages done I will be sure to post them on here for you to see. For now this will have to do. Today was a little of this and that day. Hope you enjoyed reading what we have been up to.

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