Monday, November 3, 2008

Nature Picture Quiz

Ok yes, these are woodpeckers. But what kind? This should be a little easier to find out. HHHMMMMMM, I sure hope so. Gotta look it up myself.
These guys have found our pecan tree in the backyard. We could hear them knocking and knocking. We figured out what they were doing. No, they were not making a home. They were in search of food. One flew away with a pecan in its beak. How cool is that!
So come on girls, take a guess. I'll get the update on here on Friday. Jackie, this is for sure, not eeewwwww gross. *wink* hehehe

Update:I searched my ID books and the internet for the exact name of these guys and I say guys because they are. My search has lead me to Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Males have red on the head and neck while females only have red on the head. If you clicked on the pictures you can see them up close and you can see some yellow on their belly. So yes, the guess was correct. Good job, Carolyn.

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Just: Carolyn said...

Hi Martha, my guess is that its a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. ;-)

I will have to make sure we keep our bird feeders filled so we can share what birds we have up here!

Love ya, Carolyn @};-