Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is this school?

Today was a rushing sort of day. The boys go to art at 1-2:30pm so the morning seems shorter. Maybe it's that we have to leave the house by 12:40 so they can be on time and that means lunch before then too.

We listened to the last 3 chapters of the bible reading for this week. Then they got to their math. By the time we finished math it was time to rush and eat lunch to take them to art. I took some books back to the library while the boys were in class. It is always a luxury to spend over an hour in the library without the kids saying, "Are we leaving, NOW!"

At dinner time, which by the way was delicious, we listened to My Book of Bible Stories on my ipod with the speakers my hubby got me. This is the first time that the little one really paid attention without having that look of being in la-la-land.

So ends our day.

I've always heard if our studies would or could be considered as part of school. I say, oh, absolutely! I consider it in the language or english category. We learn and sharpen our listening skills. We also take turns at time with reading the publications. I would still like to add a bit more like maybe some copy work and I would be happier.

That was our day today and I am hoping tomorrow will be better.

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teachingmom08 said...

I thoroughly enjoy listening to the magazines through the podcast during our meal times. I think it is a good trade off with the TV. And really good for the auditory skills. The kids complain a little but thats okay with me.