Saturday, February 7, 2009

Surprise with a Visit

Thanks to all of you that left me messages on my last post. I am feeling better. My headaches are almost all gone. I still get them but not as bad as that week straight that I had them.

Now, today we had an invite to go visit a friends home and they had her mother there too. This mother had given her daughter something of hers from when she was a lot younger. I'm sure you can see what it is.

Don't forget to click on the pictures to enlarge the pictures and see the detail.

She has records too!!! It works too!!! We heard it! How cool is that? We heard Judge Rutherford talk. This friend said she has a box full of records. What a cool experience for us all. The boys got to hear history. We all got to see the extra needles in its little round compartment next to the round part you put on the records. The piece under the part you put on the record is the crank that you take off of there and insert it into the side and crank away to make it turn.

After hearing that and playing a game of cards which my little one won we listened to hubby play his guitar. Now click on that picture of him too and you can see close up the guitar my hubby made by hand. This is guitar number 2 that he has made and he is on number 3.

So that was our day today. It was nice. Oh and the food they made was the best. They made a deep fried turkey. OOHHHHHH it was so good.

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