Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Art Gallery

The boys have been taking art classes at the Art League here in town and they entered a contest. It was so cute to see every one's art work displayed on the walls. I only took one picture of the art work because I thought this one was much funnier. So this was on Sunday after morning of going to our meeting so that is the reason we are dressed.

There was another couple of our friends there so it was even
more fun. Can I say it was funner? hehehe Anyway, we had gone to have lunch in town and were stuffed. We all looked at all the walls of art work and then stood around talking to the friends there. Hubby was tired as you can see from this picture. I just had to take it. The kids thought it was so funny that they had to do a picture together.

So this was a post about art but ended up being about being just plain tired. Don't they all look so funny? He woke up while this was going on and smiled but I made him close his eyes back up for the picture. I'm glad we had a willing participant. This just makes me laugh.


Missi said...

Love it...I have a similar piic from when we were in Washington...exhausted from museums...lol

bayoujac said...


That's so funny!

Berta said...

too funny

teachingmom08 said...

Luv it!!!