Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I got it done. Well, at least the upside down part. I am planning on putting herbs on the top part of this neat thing I found. Actually, hubby saw it all done and suggested I get another one. YIPPEEEE!!!

I have my squares done too. Even the one foot square slats are down. I have some things planted too. I have different varieties of tomato. Some my brother from next door had some extras so I got some from him. He gave me a tomato called Mr. Stripy. That should be interesting. I am starting some green beans and peas from seed. I have a few more packets to start.

Oh, yes, I also got that bell pepper plant into its square. An old friend had her square foot boxes and they always had lots of veggies so I've been wanting to make my own for a while. I'm glad the kids helped me to get it done now.

I am also trying some strawberries in containers. We have so many ants on our land that I want to try it this way instead of in the ground. Let's see if this is better.

I will slowly be adding some blocks to the paths. Who
knows I might try something else

Although the last picture is not about gardening I had to post it. Today is the first day this year that the hummingbirds came back. I only got this good picture. It was dark already and thru the window but it's a hummingbird.


Just: Carolyn said...

I love your gardening so far! This gardening upside down thing is a great idea! I'm gonna show hubby this tonight!

Looking forward to seeing your growth in the next few weeks! We are still -14 C and tons of snow on the ground, not going anywhere for another month! :(

Love ya, CH @};-

hsmomma said...

I'm enjoying your progress. Hope you enjoy your summer salad!


Nicolette said...


I'm trying to get hubby to make me some raised beds this summer too. My strawberries get out of control not matter how many times I move them. I love the look of your beds. What do you use for fertilizer?


bayoujac said...

Wow - things are moving right along there, huh?

I hope your garden does really well. I'm not sure of ours yet. I think I may have planted in the ground too early.

I love the hummingbird pic. I'm not sure we've seen any hummingbirds yet. Just lots of Red Cardinals.