Friday, April 17, 2009

Buffalo Bill Day

We went to the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave today. Have you figured out where we are now? So let me tell you the thing I found the most interesting. It was what riders for the Pony Express were issued and had to carry with them. A gun, a knife and the bible. Isn't that funny? I would have never thought of those three things going together.

There were several pictures of
his indian friends. There were also different clothes that were worn by the indians and in the Wild West shows. It was very interesting. I didn't think it was going to be that good but I was surprised.

This visit will go great with our lapbook on A Historical Look at American Indians from HOAC. I have some pictures that I would like to make copies of and have the boys put them in their lapbooks. For this lapbook, first came the field trip then comes the actual lapbook part. This was a very hands on type of day.
I'll try to post more but this is it for now. I am so tired today.
By the way....we are under a winter storm warning. There is supposed to be a dumping of snow over here. The boys are doing the happy dance. hehehe I'll keep you informed if we get snow.


MasterpieceMom said...

From Pooh: I'm one of masterpiecemom's sons. We're starting to read the book about Buffalo Bill (Du'laire). It's a cool book! And I like about it is the indians and trains and carts pulled by horses and oxen. I'm going to Wilmington soon. And I'll have a great time there. I'm going to ride on a river boat and go camping and go to the aquarium. We will play on the beach. We might see a mini golf. And I'll have a lot of time there.

MasterpieceMom said...

Tigger also wants to say something:
I'm one of masterpiecemom's sons too. What I like about Buffalo Bill because he was a frontier man.

Marie said...

Do you live in Cody? I love the museum. We live in Montana.