Saturday, April 25, 2009

How does my garden grown?

Driving back home we had to do a little stop. Can you see why? I've seen some bluebonnets in my day but this was incredible. We stopped on the side of the road and I could not believe the smell. It was such a sweet smell. Like I said we have seen some but not in this amount and not that you could smell just by standing there.

It was truly amazing to see and smell this. The bluebonnet is the Texas flower and I think it is a beautiful flower. If you drive along the highways of Texas, down south anyway, you will see lots of wildflowers including the bluebonnet. This makes the drive a pleasant one.

Now that we are home after two weeks being gone we came home to an amazing garden. Our garden has grown so much. We have corn, yellow squash, lettuce, bell pepper plants and green beans in one box. The corn was small when we left but now it is big.

We also have carrots. Can you see them in the picture? There is also some spinach. We will be making some good salads. Yum, can't wait.

We did two 4x4 squares this time around but we might get 2 more ready for our late season planting. Living down south we don't have much winter time so it will be great to have plenty of fresh veggies.
What do you think of my garden? This is the first time we have had a garden that it has gotten so big and has been so easy to do. We are having fun but it will be nicer when we start eating our labor.

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hsmomma said...

Your garden looks great! All that hard work will make everything taste better.