Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Van Gogh

We are on vacation. Yep, having fun and seeing some neat sites. A friend looked up on the computer on some site that people post some off the beaten path things that you can see in any state. So on our way out of Kansas we stopped by Goodland, Kansas to see this. This is one big easel. Don't you think?

For those studying or those that have studied Van Gogh this will be an interesting site. To my surprise as I looked around on some blogs I came across a blog or two about Van Gogh.

Hope you all enjoy my posts while we are on vacation.


hsmomma said...

That is big. The kids will love to see it. Have lots of fun!

School for Us said...

WOW!!! Now, that's huge. :-) I'd love to know the site. We used to go through Kansas a lot and I've never seen that.

Missi said...

Awesome! that is Van Giant!