Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frogs, Frogs and more Frogs

If you all don't know let me tell you that here in my part of Texas we are in a drought. Big time drought. We need rain to have frogs. There is this project that I wanted to do with the boys but didn't have the frogs to see so we went to the zoo. Of course, there is nothing better than a field trip to brighten up our day. This went along great with a new book that is at our library. It's called...what else but Face to Face with Frogs.

That was an awesome book. The pictures were great and the info was wonderful. We saw pictures of different colored frogs from different parts of the world.

One interesting fact we learned was that some of these frogs get their poison from eating ants. Interesting!! We got in my bed to read the book. Of course we didn't read it all at once. I had to make it last at least two times. We all love reading while laying in my bed together. More bonding time. I just love it.

Our lessons are not always just reading great books and field trips but adding a fun project to go with it. I ordered the Hearts and Trees Spring Kit and it went perfect with what we had done already.

The boys got to draw a picture of a frogs life cycle and we attached it to the lapbook. There was coloring going on and putting it all together. There is still more to do with the spring kit but that is for another time.

The boys enjoyed all the time we spent doing this and as soon as our drought ends we will be looking for frogs in our backyard.

We are slowly inching our way towards more of a CM family and enjoying it.


Pauline said...

Hope the drought ends there soon! so that the frogs can turn up again. My children love frogs too and we have seen a couple this year already.
Loved your post about them too- most enjoyable!
Thanks "O)

Jimmie said...

Your garden is most impressive! The food is going to taste even better because you grew it!

I also love the frog lapbooks your sons did. :-) I've been "saving" frogs that I find on the sidewalk, putting them back in grassy areas. Silly, I guess, but I hate for them to be crushed by feet or cars.

Thanks for visiting my new blog.