Thursday, May 14, 2009

Math the Fun Way

Today we did math outside. How is this considered math? Well, let me tell you. We did measurements. We only had a 25ft measuring tape and needed something way bigger than that.

While at the homeschool convention this past week I was able to find a little time to sneak away from my booth to go looking around. I found this neat thing that I just knew would be a hit with my boys. It is called Blaster. It says it can launch a water balloon 150 yards. Now what kid would not enjoy this? We launched several from out in front of our house to our neighbors house which happens to be my brother and sister-in-laws. So I called her and told her to come out and look our direction. We launched several balloons at them. She preferred that I launch them in the direction of their garden. LOL

After the launchings we set out on foot to see what the distance was. We shot the farthest about 300 feet. That was awesome to see and it was a fun way for them to learn that you can count feet by counting the steps. We saw the measuring tape to see how far to step. Then came the steps and counting. I'm looking for something fun to do with fractions next.

My pictures didn't come out that great but you get the idea of what we did. It's hard to have my camera and an umbrella to shield me from the sun at the same time. At least I didn't have my cane with me or it would be really hard. Fun was had by all to be outside despite the 90+ degree weather.

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hsmomma said...

I see lots of fun going on in your blog these days! Looks great.