Thursday, June 18, 2009

Parsley Invasion - Nature Picture Quiz

No, the parsley is not taking over but click on the picture and see what is taking over my parsley plant. I went out last night and my plant is almost all gone. I've got to get a few of these little caterpillars and put them in our bug home and watch them transform. I think there must have been around 10 or so of them eating up my parsley. If they were not going to turn out to be such a beautiful butterfly I would salvage my plant.

Can you guess at what they will become? Any guesses? Come on, take a guess.


School for Us said...

Gorgeous caterpillar! And, I was able to look up the caterpillar so I'll let someone else guess. How exciting! I think I'll go check our flowers for caterpillars. I found a bunch of geometer caterpillars (inchworms) yesterday that will turn into a moth of some kind.

Have fun raising these!

MasterpieceMom said...

We've raised these before. Swallowtail butterflies. ;D

Just: CH said...

What a beautiful little guy! Ten you say? Cool! Can't wait to see pics of it when it goes through metamorphosis! Took me a minute to remember the word hehehehe Haven't had any coffee yet this morning. :D

Have a great day today!
Love, CH @};-