Friday, July 10, 2009

What about Spelling? A hands on approach

Level 5 is ready. I've been waiting for this to come out not because I need it at this moment but because I will still get it even though I will not use it for at least a year or two.

Not only is it ready but it's on sale till Saturday, July 18. This is the time to get it if you are using this program.

Why do I like this program? Well, it's multi sensory, you use games and different hands on ways to learn. The lessons are written in an easy to understand way and it's all there for you to use, it's all written out for you. No having to figure out what to say or do to help teach spelling. We all know that a child can learn to read and really not know how to spell. You can see that when you have them write out a story. I find that this program works for us.

One other thing I like is the levels. Just because it says level one doesn't mean it's grade one. Everyone should start out with level one. It starts off with basics like making sure each student knows the phonetic sounds. If you child knows this then they will fly through that lesson. We have gone through some lessons fast and others we go slower. Like my younger one started out with level one and kept up a good pace in level one. My middle son with dyslexia went a bit faster at the beginning and kept going till there was a point where he slowed down. Each child is different. I like that I can use this program for my son just starting out in 1st grade and my son with dyslexia who will be in 6th grade.

There is even a site you can go to for help if you have questions. It's called Chatter Bee . At that site there is a group for each level. Even if you go to their website you can go and read up on the FAQ section and get lots of info you might need.

What about cost? Well, level 5 is 25% off right now so it's a great buy. I really don't see the price that bad considering it's all written out for you, you can use it for every child, it has hands on and fun games that captures my boys attention.

I highly recommend this program for spelling. It's the best investment I've made. My kiddos love it. It's the best hands on program we have ever used.


Just: CH said...

I love this curriculum too! We are in Level One right now, but I have bought up to Level 4 so far, and am looking forward to getting Level 5 soon!

Tell us more about what kinds of things we have to look forward to!


Berta said...

Well I am so excited for you. Let me know how it goes, as you know it is because of your wonderful comments about the program that I am purchasing it.

Jimmie said...

I'm checking out the link now. We are happy with Spelling Power, but I always love to browse. :-)

alecat said...

Hi there!
This is my first visit to your blog (come over from Jimmie's Collage).
I'm interested in what you've written about this spelling program, having not seen it before. From what age do you think it would suit at level 1? Thansks. :)

live4evermom said...

alecat, I started with my son last year for 1st grade. I think I could have started him off with kinder but I waited till last year. He loves it and thinks it's so totally fun.

live4evermom said...

Jimmie, I'm like you in that I love looking around to see what is out there.