Monday, August 31, 2009

We're back and on top of the World

We started back up with school this week after a week of sickness.  I am so glad we have tile floors.  Anyway, on to school.  Today was actually a nice day when the clouds came.  We went outside and the little one got on his scooter for a while.  The white flowers on my crepe myrtle is blooming after only an inch and a half of rain.  We have been and still are in drought conditions so it is nice to see some flowers.   We had some exercise today when the clouds came in for a little while.  We are having some cooler east winds for an hour or 
two so we headed outside for some PE time.
We also filled the bird feeders and watched the hummingbird at the hummingbird feeder.  We also have a ton of dragonflies.  I am actually glad about that because that means they are eating up the mosquitoes.  
We also worked on geography today.  Just the basics.  Learning about maps and symbols.  How to read maps and map different types of maps. The boys worked on putting together a puzzle and then my little one did it on his own.  
He is sitting on top of the world. 


bayoujac said...

Ha Ha! He looks so cute sitting on top of the world!

I'm glad y'all are feeling better, too. Sickness can really drive a wedge into a school schedule. That happened to us last November. Today, I got hit with a migraine around 2, and struggled through my son's lessons. I'm glad he's more self-motivated than the girls.

hsmomma said...


Just: CH said...

Hehehe, all I could think of was that song that has the lyrics "sittin' on top o' the worrrrld!" Probly an 80's song!

Good for you guys on getting a great start to your schooling! Looks good so far.
Love, CH @};-

hicksgirl93 said...

what a cool puzzle. And as always that little boy of yours is just too cute.