Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update and nature

It has been almost two weeks since I last posted.  I never do this but I've had personal issues to deal with and school and house and getting ready for a little vacation.  We have still been busy with out math and reading.  We have added science in and geography.  I love having nature studies when something comes across our path.  This time what came across our path was a baby.  A baby what?  A baby snake.  Yep, I said snake.  You can be sure that I will post a picture.  

Let me youngest has always had a hard time getting to bed.  He is one of those that gets up and has to explain this or that.  I send him to bed then he comes back and tells me something else.  Comes back for a hug and an extra prayer.  Well, this one time he was heading to his bed again and I heard him scream and run and yell, "snake" in the loudest voice I've ever heard come out of him.  Ok, so I'm thinking a snake.  Big snake.  Mean snake.  Nope it was a baby.  I guess to him a snake is a snake.  It is no more than 12 inches.  Although I didn't even try to measure this one.  He is a ferocious little booger.  He kept on striking at me so in he went into our alway ready and trusty little pet carrier.

So now we have a pet for a while.  We checked our Texas Snake ID guide to see if we could figure out what he is and we have come up with a Texas Rat Snake.  It is non venomous but is mean.  They climb up trees and look for baby birds for a snack.  By the way, I let the first one out yesterday.  Yes, I said first!  We have number 2 hold up in our glass aquarium.  I wonder how many more will show up for a visit and a scare.



School for Us said...

So, you mean you found this guy INSIDE? Yikes! :-) I love snakes, but they need to stay outside... or in an aquarium. I think I'd do a little screaming if I found one in the house. (It has only happened to me once - but we were living in a country house while I was in college. It was curled up in the sun streaming through the front door... next to our cat!)

Anyway, glad you took care of it so calmly. If this has happened before, maybe it is something you get used to???

Donna said...

You are so brave to be able to get the snake into the pet carrier... I might need pointers, We had a snake once stick it's head in the door before my daughter screamed bloody murder and scared it and everyone in the house!

live4evermom said...

Yes this guy was inside. More frightening when it's right before bedtime. My poor baby.

They are not hard to catch with the lid scooting it in or a very long stick if it's a big snake like last year.

I keep looking for more to come out. That is what I get for living in the country.