Monday, November 16, 2009

Lots of Mushrooms to Pick From

Finally after a whole summer of drought it has rained these past couple of months.  This is when we have seen lots of mushrooms.  We see them peeking out through the grass especially early in the mornings.  Then as the days go by they get bigger and bigger.

The boys laugh at me when I see something and I slow down to take pictures.  This one was at my brothers yard so that wasn't that bad. 
This next one was huge and not at my brothers house.  hehehe  Those people from that house must have wondered why I was taking pictures towards their house.  If I would have seen them outside I would have stopped and asked for a close up look.  We were driving home and the huge size caught my attention.   
We thought this one was neat because unlike the first picture this one was curling its edges up so it sort of looked like a cup.  The top was neat too because it had a different design on the top than that of the first picture. 
This last mushroom that we saw was on a tree as we were walking down to see Niagara Falls.  I just had to stop and take this picture.  My little one ran back to where I had stopped and asked what I was taking a picture of and I showed him.  This was the first time he had seen a mushroom up on a tree.   

Mushrooms we decided were a little hard to identify.  We looked through books but never found the exact one.  There is so much yet to learn and so little time.  


Shannon said...

I just love it! You had lots to study up close. I'll be checking back with you - we're on a small farm in central Kentucky. Isn't it wonderful to have so much advantages in our homeschooling because of farm living?

Anonymous said...

Great photo's! I loved reading your about your Outdoor Hour.

The Glasers said...

You captured some terrific shots of fungi! I always wonder about sneaking in people's yards . . . The neighbors who know me wouldn't mind, but I'm not sure about the others!