Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Schooling and Health Issues

I don't usually talk much about the health issues that I am living with.  I try my best to leave it out and just talk about schooling and what the kids do but I figured there are some out there dealing with health issues.  

Learning from others that are having the same issues has helped me in learning what is normal for my body.  There are a few local friends that I have learned have RA although all are at least 10 years older than myself.  Having rheumatoid arthritis has changed my life in many ways.  

I am the primary teacher at home.  So how does this mother/teacher do it all?  I have no idea. hehehe  Did you think I was going to say something inspiring?  Not coming out of my mouth.   Those of you who know me personally know that I love to laugh.  I think that has helped.  I'm not constantly crying over what I can't do or what I would love to do.  Ok, I do say I would like to do this or that.  I am happy and content to watch others enjoy their experiences and travels.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be hiking or just go out for long walks every day.  I know my limits and I know that is not happening.  So what do I do?  

We take short walks.  I try to do one thing a day.  I take my medication which is not the right cocktail yet.  We have more relaxed days.  Mornings are hard for me.  Getting out of bed takes at least an hour.  So we take advantage of the that time that I spend flexing my feet and hands and enjoy reading a book or two.  I have started taking naps in the afternoons.  I have to now and I do it.  Really!  I have to. It's not just me being lazy.  I do more naps on the days I take most of my medication.  By the way, have you ever had a pill get lodged in your throat and water will not push it down.  OUCH!  I call those my horse pills.  

One more thing that has helped me is my friendships to those few that have never left my side.  It helps to tell someone what is going on and how I'm feeling.  I love to keep up with some blogs which I figure out how to do what they do but my way.  I enjoy seeing you do and where you go.    

Something I have learned is no matter what, my children learn.  They learn to do everything from their school to cleaning house.  Their chores are always done.  They've learned to keep quiet when my headaches are bad.  They've learned that some days are good and some are bad.

So in all, we try out best in all we can do.  I enjoy my kids and enjoy our quiet times.  Thank you to all of you for reading and posting comments.  

Now on to our regularly scheduled programming......        

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School for Us said...

My sister lives with RA, too. I know how hard it can be. You deserve a big pat on the back for all you do! :-) And, I'll pray that they get your meds worked out. I know my sister has been having a really hard time lately.