Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trying Out Some Organization

I know everyone and their mothers have heard about workboxes by now.  If you haven't, where have you been hiding?  I've tried different things from having a separate shelf on the bookcase for each child to having a basket with their work in it for the day.  So now I am going to try the workbox thing with the whole set up. 

Why do we need organization or more than before?  Well, having an autoimmune disease makes one see the need for more organization so that things get done around the house.  This year I have kept things simple.  Only working on a few subjects at a time.  I would love to keep up the same schedule as before but my body is not letting me do much.  

Let's just say that I've heard the good things about this system and then those comments from those who think this is worthless.  I appreciate what I've read about this system from everyone but I'm still going to try it. hehehe  I'm just a rebel, I guess.  I guess I've had some influence from a rebel friend.  So I've got our boxes and now I will be getting them ready.  Hey, this will clear a shelf on my book case which if all you who read this are homeschoolers then you all know how precious a shelf on a book case can be.  Yipppeee! 

So here is our boxes.  I still am in the process of getting them organized and putting things in them.  I'm not one to follow things exactly as others are doing them so I will have to figure out my way.  Hope it works for us.  I'll post more on how and what we do as time goes on and I figure out how we will do this.   


Julie said...

I'm going to look up more about this.... I like that things can be easily put away. And for that time of day when you say "go get your _____"
We've tried dedicated shelves (limited success) and one big bin (disaster) so things seem to stack up and get lost. thanks for this idea spark : )

live4evermom said...

OOhhhh Julie, I miss ya. Glad you are still around. I'll be posting some links in my next post about workboxes.

alecat said...

Workboxes are sweeping through our homeschool group atm, so if you don't mind, I'll share your post on our forum so they can see your ideas!
I've heard LOTS of positive feedback about this system. :)
Kind regards,
Catherine (aka: alecat)

live4evermom said...

Catherine, sounds ok with me.

hsmomma said...

hehehe You are such a rebel!