Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Are Waiting........

We have been very busy this week with some extra volunteer work and we are going out again tomorrow.  Our normal school work is getting done but on a lighter schedule.  For now, we will be waiting, we are waiting tonight.  There is anticipation, there is a sense of hope.  For what?  Well, I've lived in Texas all my life.  Now remember this is South Texas.  We have lots of heat and humidity.  We may have a handful of freezes a year and that is it.  By a handful I mean maybe 5 days here and there.  

So the excitement is building for SNOW!  Our forecast says up to one inch of snow.  I know you northerners will laugh but the first snow I remember was in 1995 and my snowball had dirt and grass in it.  We did get what they call the snow of the century in 2004.  We got over a foot of snow.  I have pictures to prove it.  

I drove in the stuff till around 2 in the morning because I went to pick up a friend at the airport.  What normally is a 2hr drive from Houston to my home took around 8hrs because of this snow.  Go ahead and laugh!  I know, I've lived in New Jersey and have driven in the stuff before but in South Texas there is no need for snow plows or salt.  It never snows, right?  Except on the rare occasion and when that happens everyone stays home and plays in the snow.
So the excitement is building.  We will be out for a short time in the morning doing our volunteer work then home to make some chili for dinner.  We are all hoping this snow doesn't turn out to be a dud for us.  If it snows we are taking us a snow day and I will have my camera handy.  Not to worry though, the snow will be gone fast and our temperatures are supposed to be back up to the low 70's in a few days.  That's South Texas for you.     

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