Sunday, January 17, 2010

Unexpected Detour and Our Week of School

We made a last minute trip to Kansas.  I say last minute because we got a phone call from my brother saying he was having surgery on Wed so we took off.  I hate the 12hr drive but enjoy spending time with family. 

We brought our books for some school.  We didn't do as much as I had planned but middle son did his math and did his bible reading.  My little one did his math.  The oldest did his physics and he had his bible by his bed for reading at night.  

We did lots of family things.  Between hospital and homes, it took most of our time.  We drove those dreaded 12hrs back home today and got home around 7:30pm.  Bed time is early tonight because that drive is a killer.  The boys saw frosted windows this morning and also saw me trying to rid that frost from the windows so we can start our drive.  Middle son loved to see the frost come back after wetting the window with the windshield washer fluid.  I'll have to check and see what kind of fluid is in my moms car.  Oh and next time we'll go in my van and not in my moms car.  We all hated that tiny car.  Can you say....cramped?

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