Friday, May 14, 2010

Africanized Honey Bees

These mean things still exist and they were very close to us.  Like on our property.  Hubby and a friend were attacked and good thing they only got stung once each.  You should have seen these two grown men run though.  

We have a friend who we call the "Bee Man" because he has many bee hives for that precious honey.  He found out about our little up front and personal encounter and called and came prepared to take them on.  Those things were aggressive but he took care of them.  Now we will not be afraid to be on the lawn mower or at the pool.  They were pretty close to the pool.  Glad we have the "Bee Man" for a friend.  

Bee Man to the rescue!


School for Us said...

I don't know a lot about these bees, but I think your husband and his friend were fortunate they only got stung once! And, isn't it great to have friends? And great that we all have different skills & areas of expertise? :-)

Sheri said...

Too close for comfort, I'd say. Those things are nasty. They were becoming a real issue when we lived in AZ. Thankfully, neither your precious hubby nor his friend were "attacked" like those bees tend to do. That would have been terrible. And, yes, having a bee friend is a very good thing! Whew! I see on your side bar that you have your first graduate? Congratulations and may the Lord bless his endeavors. I am 2 years out from my 3rd graduate and feeling mighty old. LOL Have a wonderful, bee free summer and take care! :0)