Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cardinals Rule!

We had fun learning a little bit about our feeder bird this week.  We put a couple of feeders outside the window and put my desk right in front so I could keep one eye on my work and another on the birds.  Of course, I love taking pictures of birds.  Really, I love taking pictures of any of God's creations.  

We are trying to keep up with Barb's challenges over at Handbook of Nature Study.  Here is what we decided on since we haven't seen any chickadee's on our feeders.  We decided on cardinals.  They are such beautiful birds.  Both male and female are beautiful.  We always stop and watch them when we see them fly around.  This beauty is the female.  
We were also able to observe the male at our window.  
Then we got down to our page provided by Barb. 
My son was not in the mood to sketch the bird although I would have liked him to because I think he can draw a pretty cute bird.  Maybe next time he will.  He liked the idea of the photo.  He laughed and said he cheated. 
Then I looked up some coloring pages I had downloaded a long time ago and used those.  My son wanted me to do a page with him and I did.  My arthritis sure makes it hard to color and I love to color.  It took me a while to finish coloring my page because I had to come up with creative ways to hold my crayon so as to avoid pain in my hands but I got it done and he was happy we both did the page. 

Now on to the next challenge!

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