Friday, February 10, 2012

Learning from Projects

Remember this picture I posted a week or so ago...
Here is where we are on that project.  We tore down some rotting wood and the walls to replace them.  We still have so much to do but it is coming along.  Before you know it we will have chickens and rabbits in there.      
Since it has been raining and pretty wet we have stopped going to the back to work so we started in the garage.  Half is hubby's side.  The side with all the tools is his, of course.  The other half where we are now WAS where my van went.  Now it has a ping pong table set up that was for the game but at the moment we are in there working on the rabbit cages.  We have two cages almost all done.  They need the doors but  they are all put together.     
We are working little by little toward the goal of being more self sufficient and letting our son learn by his projects and hard labor.   

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Just: CH said...

What a great job you all are doing! Way to go middle son! Keep up the good work.

How nice to be able to use more of your backyard.

:X CH @};-