Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rabbit Project

So here it is!!  The rabbit area is done.  Phew!  It was lots of work to do all that.  But it's done. 
Here is what the side looks like.  The edges still have to be finished but mostly it is done. 
This is the back side.  Yes there is a tree very close but I didn't want to chop it off because it provides shade for the rabbits. 
Oh and we have rabbits already.  We have three.  Two guys and one girlie.  The ceiling is not completely done.  We had to put up a barrier between the top and the rabbits because of the heat.  The sun hits that tin and it was very hot one day.   
The rabbits are 10 weeks now.  We will not be having babies till around the end of November.  So lets see how son does.  So far so good.  He gets up early to go check them out and then gives then their feed before our dinner. 
Now we have the chicken area to get done.  I am hoping it will not take as long as the rabbit area did.  We should be able to work on it this weekend.  Uugghhhh and it is getting hot already.  Oh and there are mosquitoes already.  I hate mosquitoes.  

So that is our update.  Next time hope to have an update on the chicken coop.  

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